I don’t find football games particularly interesting. Sometimes I get a little enthusiastic, but this year during the UEFA Euro 2012 (EM) I managed to escape most matches. The reason is: There is something else I’m superduper enthusiastic and excited about:
Zahnräder has the chance to win 10.000 Euros from Vodafone Foundation! 
Zahnräder is a non-profit organization and a network of young Muslim social entrepreneurs from all over Germany – that I co-founded in 2010. This opportunity comes perfectly at the right time since we urgently need money to finance our next conferences in which we support projects financially and empower through consultancy and mentoring. Thank you Act for Impact, Vodafone and Social Entrepreneurship Akademie for this opportunity!
I’m constantly checking the voting – it’s a neck-to-neck race. Whoever gets most of the votes will win the money. It feels like a football game, only more exciting since it’s not only a little ball we’re kicking around.
So, please make me cry out of relief and happiness and vote for Zahnräder, here! The voting ends by Monday next week at 4 pm. Further information can be found here and here.
Also I’m very happy to announce that Ashoka Changemaker and Zahnräder are now official partners! Read on, here.
Thank you for your attention. I will now go and check the voting. Again.

Update (1st of July 2012) Yey, we have von 5.000 Euros! Thank you so, so much!



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