I had stopped taking pictures for a long time. Behind the lense I felt I was watching the world through a blurry window, not being able to feel, smell and sense its real beauty. Pictures had no memories anymore, no emotions. They could’ve had been taken by anyone. It wasn’t personal. It wasn’t my moment.

I want to take pictures for myself – not for others to admire and envy an experience I never had. A picture without emotions is like a book on your shelf you’ve never read.

I want to take pictures for myself. When I look at them, I want to close my eyes and dive into a sea of colors and emotions – sense the moment again.

Now, sometimes when I feel that a moment is worth being remembered, worth being thought of again, my camera says „click“. And I go home knowing my camera is carrying treasures.

This week I was in Tunis for a conference (YMS). My stay was full of wonderful events, people, sights and moments. And today when I had a look at my treasures, I took another trip to this beautiful city. Come with me if you like. Feel with me.

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