Aentschuldigong (Sorry) for not updating my blog. Me busy-bee is beeing around the world in search for honey. Well, actually I’m in London right now, searching for a flat – this search turned out to be one of the most underestimated things in my life.
However there are some things I’d like to share with you. Like this interview with me published in Polish on Funkhaus Europa. And this interview I had with Mekonnen Mesghena, Head of Migration, Citizenship and Diversity department of the Heinrich Böll Stiftung in Germany – Very interesting interview about the importance of diversity in media! And before continuing my Ramadan Diary I have to admit: Shame on me! – I’m so bad in keeping a diary. I forgot to take picture three times by now. Argh. I hope it won’t get worse.
And the other thing I’d like to share with you: Check out Especially the articles, radio programms and videos by the participants of the m100 youth workshop last weekend in Potsdam! It was really great! Interesting, funny and lovely people from all over Europe! Thank you Sabine and Agnes for making this possible! And also many thanks to all the participants – I’ve learned so much from you (especially from East-Europe). And I hope to see you soon! Don’t forget: It’s all about context (

Bildcredit: Yannick Brusselmans


  1. Der Moslem

    Alta, heisst nisch „searching for a flat“, heisst looking for a flat. Searchen du tust nur nach verlorene Formel fur Weltuntergang oder göttliche Kopftuch, nisch aber nach Wohnung, guckst du.

    Sei Vorbild-Migrant un mach anständige Sprachkurs, Alta, sonst denken Engelända du bis nisch integrierte Migrant, isch schwör.

  2. Nadia

    Es wäre vielleicht sehr hilfreich, wenn du anderen berichten könntest, wie du denn nun genau zu deiner Mädchen-WG in London gekommen bist.
    Ich wette, viele Musliminnen wären froh, etwas Hilfestellung bei der Suche nach Wohnungen im Ausland (nicht nur in London) zu bekommen!!
    Liebe Grüße


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