Traveling teaches you to give, to love and to move. It makes you give love and move your love. Travels give love to you and move you around the world. Travel. Give. Love. Move.

I love coming home, relishing the steadiness and then slowly discovering how those stories you’ve heard, people you’ve met, experiences you’ve had, pop up in your mind. Ready to be written down. Or put together in a short film.
I have had been traveling a lot recently, hence the few updates. When my camera got stolen in Berkeley, California (that’s another story…) I had nothing but my iPhone left to capture those beautiful landscapes I was quickly moving by. And to my surprise, it turned out to work quite well.
The two last trips to the US have changed my perception of this country. Leaving the big cities to be with the people, to look behind closed sparkling doors to discover darkness, pain, poverty, discovering strength and determination alongside indulgence.

The beautiful and thoughtful music is “Remembrance” by the minimalist instrumental ensemble Balmorhea from Texas.

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