Ramazan’ın her günü için şartlandırdım bu sene kendimi, bir saniye bile olsa kısa bir çekim yapacağım. Bazı zamanlar sahura kadar aksıyor, bazı günler çekip çekip doyamıyorum. Yine en güzel görüşmelerin, gezilerin bir çoğu kayıtsız kalıyor çünkü onlara kamera lensinden değil bizzat kendim şahit olmak istiyorum. Böylece bu hatıralarla dolu güzelim İstanbulumuzun Ramazan videosu oluştu. Hoşgelmiş.

This year I decided to record at least one second a day during the month of Ramadan while wandering through the mystical city of Istanbul. However some of the most beautiful scenes and experiences haven’t been recorded as I wanted to witness them with my very own eyes, rather than filtered through a lense.
This is how this video full of memories and beautiful moments in the mesmerizing city of Istanbul was born.

Music: John Zorn – Mispar



A few months ago, I had the honour to speak at TEDx Oxbridge in Oxford. When I thought about what I’d like to share most, what lessons life had given me and what had touched me most, I decided on „The Power of Stories.“ After years of debating, political and social activism, I came to realise that although these are important and essential tools for a healthy discourse, there was something more important to me, something more powerful: stories. A lesson taught to me by a man I have never met.

As the talk went online yesterday, I was and still am overwhelmed by the wonderful and beautiful e-mails, comments & words from family, friends & strangers all around the world. My husband Ali and I are currently traveling through the East of Turkey, discovering new stories, new worlds & lives. What a beautiful place this world can be.

And I’d like to thank Him, my family & loving husband Ali, Niraj & the rest of the awesome TEDx Oxbridge team, my supportive friends (you know who you are)  & maybe most importantly: All the people not only I have met, but who have also met me, who have opened the doors to their lives and stories, made me wander around their world and see through their eyes. Although I might never have truly understood how it is to be them, never fully grasped what I saw through their lenses, walking in their shoes made me walk past horizons I didn’t even know existed. Thank you.

PS: On Fb, I had promised to share a juicy behind-the-scene-story about elephants & bicycles. Here we go!