Sometimes I keep some thoughts to myself, because I feel they aren’t complete. Such as this one here. It’s been almost a year when I first wrote this thought down. But then I left it as a draft. It hasn’t made its way to the outside world.

But this time it will make its way. Even if I feel it’s incomplete.

After all, aren’t all our thoughts, whether we consider them complete or not, just a state of mind? Aren’t we in constant change, revising and rethinking who we are, want to be and what we think is right? Or at least: Shouldn’t we aim to be in constant development? Being full of energy and ease – full of energy to develop ourselves; full of ease about our flaws and imperfection. Aren’t we just on our way anyways? We will never be complete. And not even death will bring this to an end.
But it is us all who neglect our imperfection. We – as a whole – don’t give each other the freedom to be a traveller on the path of change.

We falsely believe that every thought we speak has to be armed and shielded against every attack. Sometimes, we feel the pressure to strongly defend every single thought we share. And so: Inner discussions stay inner discussions.

However, isn’t it more interesting to speak out these inner thoughts, fears and voices; to discuss them on a broader scale – just to find out that there are thousands of others who share our inner conflicts? Will this not bring us relief?

But we fear criticism. We fear being sanctioned. We fear judgement. We fear being human, imperfect. Being a traveller. Who we are.
And so, we keep on the safe side. Our thoughts keep running in our head. Our mouth keeps shut. But one day that thought will be gone, without us even noticing it.

So from time to time you will find some of those imperfect incomplete thoughts here, thoughts in progress. A snapshot of inner discussions that have not yet come to an end – and never will.

Because I am a traveller and so are you. Let me lead, let me be led. Don’t chase, don’t let yourself be chased. Watch my way, not the place I stop to take a rest.


  1. Anonymous

    Dear Kübra,
    I love reading your works, the German and the English ones. They are very special!
    How about writing a book? I am sure there would be enough who would want to read it.

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